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100% leather is the highest quality

Add a traditional Moroccan touch to your interior with our exceptional range of beautiful hand embroidered leather poufs. Our pouf Moroccan leather, deliciously crafted will bring an exotic touch to your room, or as a stool in your living room. Each beanbag was sewn by hand in Marrakech, they often take more than a whole week to make. The individual leather pieces are dyed to perfection, then stitched together and embroidered by hand.

Items are delivered empty to save on shipping costs, they are easy to fill, You can use polyester fiber lining or cotton, but you can also use old rags or towels to make it as firm or as flexible as you want
- Made 100% vintage from the best goat leather

Dimensions: 30 x 50 (H * D) cm __13 "in height and 20" in diameter.
Leather type: Goat leather
Color: Light brown, natural color.
NO INSERT Included 

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