Azilal Moroccan Rug

$449 $799

The Azilal carpets, as their name suggests, come from the steep Azilal region. 
Azilal carpets usually show a great amount of creativity in terms of drawings. They combine irregular and abstract patterns, numerous Berber symbols and graphics often based on lozenges. Often color additions based on wool with colored cotton yarns appear. The bottom of carpets made of virgin natural wool.

  These are widely used in interior decorations such as beautiful wall decorations or design elements.

  This soft, deep carpet is in very good condition. The rug has a very luxurious and soft weave feel great on bare feet. The carpet gives a great neutral charm to suit a variety of spaces.

  A real Moroccan carpet is a great investment not only are these carpets unique in nature but do not contain any chemicals.

Dimension: 8 1/2 Ft 5 1/2 Ft

Condition: Excellent

***Message us if you are looking for a certain color palate or specific sizing***

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